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Croatia Travelogue

This report is of a road trip through coastal Croatia from 5th to 18th of September 2007.

Reaching Croatia is an easy day-trip from Switzerland, driving over Italy and Slovenia. Our first destination was the touristy resort-town of Opatija, where we had booked our first and only hotel room for the trip.

We had a mixture of sunshine and rainy days, with enough of the former to make everything quite enjoyable. The people were friendly enough, but healthy doses of communist-era dourness (especially in the hotels and the service industry in general) made things a bit less enjoyable than they could have been. There are a fair amount of good sights, including general scenery, historic towns and national parks.

The lack of good beaches is a serious negative for anyone inclined to beach holidays. Practically all the beaches we were to had stones or pebbles of varying degrees in size and the only real sand beach was called "Paradise Beach" in Lopar, but it wasn't really anthing resembling it's name.

The currency is the Kuna, which is conviniently available at ATM's. 

All images were taken with a Nikon D80 with the amateur (but nice) 18-70mm and 70-300mm zooms.

The chapters:

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