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Guatemala Picture Travelogue

Guatemala City ñ Antigua ñ Panajachel ñ Lake Atitlan ñ Chichicastenango ñ Rio Dulce ñ Livingston ñ Flores/Tikal
Maya healing ritual embroidered on cloth
Maya healing ritual embroidered on cloth

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Guatemala impressed me a lot. The short, funny, colourful Mayans, the Volcanoes, the ancient Mayan culture, the contrasts within the country, the Highlands, Jungles, Caribbean coast, sailing on Lago de Izabal, and of course Tikal, made Guatemala a real highlight of our travels through Central America. 

Traveling from Cuba, you find hawkers here too, but it was troubling to see that a lot of them were children - in Cuba they were mostly young men.

Realizing that crime is omnipresent was a shock for us: guns are worn everywhere, especially by guards outside western shops. You are even allowed to import a weapon if you can prove you are a tourist. And going out late is not really an option.

The Quetzal is the local currency. Prices are seldom quoted in Dollars, except for very touristy services.

This trip was from 6.4.2001 to 20.4.2001.

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Our route through Guatemala
Our route through Guatemala (the map is clickable)

My favourites of Guatemala

The diary

6.4. Havana to Guatemala City
7.4 Guatemala City
8.4 Antigua Easter processions
9.4 Antigua to Panajachel
10.4 Boat ride on Lago de Atitlan
11.4 Panajachel
12.4 Chichicastenango
13.4 Panajachel to Rio Dulce
14.4 Sailing, Agua Caliente
15.4 Sailing, Livingston
16.4 Rio Dulce to Flores
17.4 Tikal
18.4 Tikal
19.4 Back to Guatemala City
20.4 Guatemala to San Jose