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Chennai, India Travel Pictures

Chennai, formerly known as Madras, lies on the south-eastern coast of India, making for a humid, subtropical environment. The city was designed spaciously since it's inception which makes it unsuitable to explore on foot. Hiring a taxi for a day or using a string of motor-rickshaws from site to site seemed to be a convenient way to tour the city. The nearest day trip around Chennai is the temple town of Mahabalipuram. I stayed at the Residency Hotel (click for review), which proved to be good value. I also mistakenly landed for a night at Hotel Himalaya (click for review), definitely a place to avoid, regardless of budget.

Chennai girl steps into the Indian Ocean at Marina Beach

Hawker getting preparing his beach stand for the evening business

Cotton-Candy for sale at the beach

Most everyone enjoys the water clothed, men and women alike

Marina Beach, Chennai

Airplane taking a right turn over Chennai before landing at the airport. The aircraft's wing is at left
Just after landing at Chennai domestic terminal at night
Flowers in the hair are very popular in Southern India and are sold everywhere

This almost seems like Las Vegas...

Inside Sri Parthasarathy Temple

Inside Sri Parthasarathy Temple

Shop front in Chennai

Baby learning to walk alongside busy traffic thoroughfare

On a busy main road

The nighttime traffic from the top floor of the Residency Hotel

Auto rickshaw driver's instruments

Olde George Town facade

Olde George Town facade

Olde George Town facade

George Town building facade

Olde George Town houses

Art Deco facade

Olde George Town facade

One of the numerous traders in George Town

I'm not sure I'd love a room in this hotel (George Town)

Chennai's High Court

Bus in Chennai

Inside Sri Parthasarathy Temple

A roadside shrine in Chennai

A giant lion on a mammoth chariot outside Sri Parthasarathy Temple

Sri Parthasarathy Temple (thanks to Badri)

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