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Mysore is a convenient day trip from Bangalore and offers a fair amount of interesting sights. It is lower and therefore warmer than Bangalore and although Mysore isn't very large, I did use an auto rickshaw between sights, especially to Chamundi Hill, which is several kilometers out of town. The Maharaja's Palace is a very popular destination for locals, and I happened to visit on a Sunday, the busiest day of the week. Lines were long, and the constantly shuffling queue was herded through the palace by a string of police whistling the crowd along. The impressive was seamlessly displayed with the gaudy. Chamundi Hill's hilltop temple was extremely busy as well, so I didn't venture inside, choosing to walk down the "thousand steps" to the base of the hill instead. The Devraja Fruit Market was another interesting place to wander about, and some of the stall sellers, many of them children, gladly posed for my camera. [All images taken in May 2006 with an Olympus C-750]

At Bangalore's main bus station

Waiting for take off

Gate on Bangalore outskirts

Roadside truck

Gaudy movie signboard on the way to Mysore

"No Plastic" on the way up to Chamundi Temple

This is the auto-rickshaw guy who drove me up to Chamundi hill. A shrewd businessman, he offered me "girls" and then "stuff to smoke"...

On the road up to Chamundi Hill

This guy greets everyone on Chamundi Hill

If you're short on film, here is the place to go . .

The temple on Chamundi hill. Loads of people waiting to get in

The entrance to the temple

Those are mighty colorful cones

More people waiting to get into the temple

Kids posing

A little drawing on a wall

Yup, there are a couple of monkeys on the hill

Still on Chamundi hill, looking at the line

Toy seller on the hill

General store on the hill

"Godly Museum" on the hill. I did venture in

The Godly museum

Alright, time to walk down back to Mysore

The way down

The huge Nandi bull shrine on the way down

The steps down

Doorway along the way down

The bottom of the steps. The sun was burning down strongly as it was mid-day

Auto-rickshaw meter

Inside the gates of the Maharaja's Palace

Lady wearing her Sunday sari inside the Maharaja's Palace

One of the arches at Maharaja's Palace

It was just after noon, these guys must have been feeling slightly drowsly (Maharaja's Palace)

Maharaja's Palace (visitor's milling about on the first floor, lots of guards)

Maharaja's Palace gateway

Another Maharaja's Palace gateway

Look at the Maharaja's Palace gate, that's pretty ornate

Maharaja's Palace gate

Maharaja's Palace in the evening, getting deserted

Maharaja's Palace gateway at dusk

Camels outside Maharaja's Palace

Waiting for a motor rickshaw

Waiting for the bus

The bus

The colors of Devaraja fruit market

Flower buds at Devaraja fruit market

Color at Devaraja fruit market

These stone pillars prevent vehicles entering Devaraja fruit market

Devaraja fruit market sells vegetables too

Kids at Devaraja fruit market

The holy cows gobbling the waste at Devaraja fruit market

Around Mysore

Jubilee watch tower

Rangacharlu Memorial Hall

Jubilee watch tower (Wow, that tree's see a bit of wind)

1920 statue of Maharaja Chamarajendar Wodeyar

Maharaja Chamarajendar Wodeyar

The bus station to take me back to Bangalore

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