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Oceanografic, Valencia, Spain

part 1 of 4

If you do happen to be in Valencia, don't miss the Oceanografic. In this quite compact complex is displayed some of the most remarkable marine life of the world, from tropical to arctic and antarctic. There are a few shows, notably the Dolphin shows, but otherwise the main attraction is the life inside the immense water tanks. The tanks housing the sharks draw the most people and they are pretty impressive, with large tunnel aquariums so that you almost seem to be with the fish. The tasteful interior design and architecture complements the thought gone into planning the complex.

No flash is allowed inside (good for the fish), so all images are in available light taken with a Nikon D90 and a 18-70mm kit lens (I decided to travel really light).

The main entrance of Oceanografico

One of the  very few non-living exhibits, a deep-sea fish



The achitecture

The inside of the entrance hall

This lighting is great. The escalator down from the main entrance hall.

A mini-tunnel to make you feel immersed in the water. The curvature of the glass leads to visual distortion which dampens the effect

I think these are sea worms. If you wave your hand at them in the water, they close up in a flash


One of the underground walkways around the aquariums

Canvas roof of one of the buildings

The outside pools have birds and seals

One of the birds in the aviary, with it's 26 meter high dome covered with netting

The aviary has a tropical feel with a mangrove swamp

Bird in aviary

Duck in aviary

Another duck in aviary

The 26m high dome of the aviary

I loved this guy's bill

Scratch, scratch

Flapping wings

A few turtles in the aviary soaking up the sun

Is this an Ibis?

A kingfisher

The aviary with it's tanks of water

Outside again, a pelican

Same Pelican

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